Can You Buy Land on Mars?

A questions that we get a lot of the time is how can you buy land on Mars, really this question is, how can we sell land of Mars? The answer is that this is a novelty website and we are not really selling land but rather an experiential gift for individuals who want to send a loved one a unique gift idea. When we started this website the main idea was to offer something that was more than just the tangible item that our customers would get in the mail, but rather we'd give them something that they could interact with, and would change over time. We wanted each land package to be customized with the recipients name as well as specific coordinates to their land on mars or land on the moon. By doing this they would then be able to go on our site, to the Locate Your Land feature, and actually be able to see the land that they purchased and see NASA missions that have occurred near that area. This is what are hopes are for people when they buy land land on Mars or buy land on the Moon from us. 


So Can I Buy Land on Mars Anywhere?

At Mars Space we will not speak for other companies and what they are claiming or not claiming but the reality is that due to The Outer Space Treaty of 1967  and the verbiage that is used in this document some people feel that they can claim land on Mars as long as they are not a governmental body. This is true based on the wording of this treaty, but just because you buy land on Mars or buy land on the moon from our site, it does not mean that you are then able to claim that land should you ever get those celestial bodies one day. Nor is it our intention to make you believe that.

Once again the design of the site is as such that we want people to really be able to immerse themselves in the experience. We want you to feel like you can buy land on Mars or buy land on the Moon, similar to the immersion of a movie or video game. This is part of what we enjoy so much about running Mars Space is that people come out with a great experience. If parents are buying a package for their children then they will be able to show them how they can see their land and our hope is use it as an education tool to further the child's interest in science. Similarly if you just have a space enthusiast in your life, how nice would it be for them to be able to frame their certificate of ownership in their office or their favorite room in the house? This is the sort of experience we are after here at Mars Space.


What If We Go to Mars?

The question here really isn't if but when. There is no doubt that we, the collective we meaning the human race, will be going to Mars at some point in the not too distant future. With that said if you are wondering if I buy land on Mars now will it be honored when I get there, since technically no one can own it yet, the answer is probably no. By the time that the average individual will be able to get to Mars, unfortunately it will probably have already been divided up by corporations and other interests that paved the way for us to get there. And they will probably unfortunately attempt to exploit the red planet for its mineral wealth

As many individuals have pointed out there is really no way of knowing what will occur until we actually get there. I guess we could look to our Moon as a forbearer  for what will occur, but this isn't really a great example, considering that the Moon is much closer, deeply affects the Earth's viability for life, and we have already been going there for almost 60 years now. So for those who want to buy land on the Moon, there is a lot more evidence to show that this is merely a novelty purchase. When you buy land on Mars there is a much different mystic to it and with the backing of people like Elon Musk and companies like SpaceX, many still feel like they can find immense wealth if they purchase now. Once again though, this is not our intention and we would rather people understand what it is that they are purchasing, rather than buy a land package from Mars Space and then be disappointed when they find out that it is just a novelty product.

Occupy Mars

None of this is written to discourage people or their interest in Mars and science. In fact we want you to continue to dream, continue to learn, and continue to look to the heavens in wonder. While we are not offering you an actual plot of land on Mars or the Moon this is not to say that one day you, yourself won't find a way to own one. Keep up the idealism, dream big, and maybe one day you'll occupy mars.