Elon Musk Discusses the Habitability of Mars on The Joe Rogan Experience

On the newest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk discussed the habitability of Mars and what it would look like to colonize the galaxy. Musk, who has been a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience a number of times now also discussed that SpaceX is going to start making regular launches and hopes that by 2024 the company will have its first manned mission to Mars.

This week it was also reported that SpaceX now owns about a third of all active satellites currently in orbit. Musk has been in the news quite a bit lately, and not just for Crypto Currency related reasons, as his SN9 rocket exploded on its attempt to land, which raised some questions from the FAA.

The Future Habitability of Mars

The genius of Elon Musk cannot be overstated and what he has done for the future of space flight in the United States, and in reality the world, is nothing short of miraculous. Starting with the Columbia disaster in 2003, NASA, which for close to 50 years held total sway over spaceflight in the U.S. began its slow march towards defunding, and a general lack of interest by the United States Populous. Ten years later the Obama administrator cut NASA's budget by almost 20%, which to many space enthusiasts appeared to be heralding in the end of space exploration as we knew it. 



However, NASA's inability to fund the sort of space exploration missions that they had become accustom too in the past created a vacuum in the market, which Musk and his team at SpaceX intended to fill. In June of 2010, SpaceX made its first real steps towards becoming a viable replacement or at least supplemental auxiliary to NASA with the first successful launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket

This brings us to today, where SpaceX has successfully launched people into orbit, have successfully reused rockets, by having them land standing up, which is incredible if you haven't already seen this. And now Musk, who has never been shy about his desire to colonize Mars is starting to think about what sort of issues the habitability of Mars would cause. 

Issues Regarding The Colonization Mars

In the clip above Musk discusses that one of the largest problems that we face in colonization Mars is one that is not unfamiliar to human explorers of the past. This issue is that in order to successfully colonize Mars and create a habitable environment, we have to ensure that the colonizers have all of the resources that they need to survive, if for some reason spacecrafts were unable to reach them for an extended period of time. This is similar to what explorers of "The New World" faced when they set out across the seas, and if they were missing anything, the ramifications could be deadly. In a very real sense the gulf faced by those early explorers is similar to that of what Mars colonizers could face as well, and while the voyage to Mars, by the time we are ready to send manned missions, will potentially be less perils, once explorers are they they will be facing an inhospitable environment that is truly unearthly. 

As tends to happen on the Joe Rogan Experience, the conversation quickly shifts towards aliens and whether or not they exist here on Earth, with Musk quoting the late Carl Sagan, in that alien life is either everywhere in the Universe or is nowhere in the Universe and both are horrifying possibilities. Putting that aside, Musk is still pushing forward towards a 2024 launch of a manned mission to Mars and from there, plans to colonize the red planet will probably move ahead exponentially. All of this is exciting for what it potentially means for the future of humanity, and from a technological stand-point it is equally as impressive. 

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