Locate Your Land

In order to locate your land click one of the corresponding links below, but before you do that please take a look at the instructions on how to go about finding your exact plot of land. 


Click Here to Locate Your Land on Mars

Click here to Locate Your Land on the Moon


Instructions on How to Use Locate Your Land

  • When you click the link it will bring to the Trek site for either the Moon or Mars, which will allow you to locate your land on Mars or land on the moon using the Latitude and Longitude provided on your Land Deed. If you have trouble locating your Latitude and Longitude please look at the picture below as a reference.


  • When the Trek website loads you will be asked if you want to take a tutorial. In order to locate your land you do not need to take the tutorial, but we suggest checking it out as there are a number of really interesting things on the site.


  • When you are either done with the tutorial or have opted out of using it, click on the picture of the airplane in the bottom right of the screen (see picture below). A box will pop out and that is where you will enter in your Latitude and Longitude, separating the two with a comma. Press Enter once you have input your Latitude and Longitude.


  • You will see a yellow dot appear on the satellite image. This is your land! You can zoom in to see your land by either using the + sign on the left side of the screen or by using your mouse wheel.


Congratulations on your purchase of Land on Mars on Land on the Moon with Mars Space and you now know how to visit your land whenever you want to!